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Pruning Cannabis

If you are growing weed indoors this summer, we have prepared for you some simple tricks that will help you easily and quickly add a 20 percent boost to your perfect yield. A great technique for pruning cannabis plant will make your crop healthier and give it the power to produce more buds. Quite attractive, right?

Puberty stage of the plants

Some growers start pruning cannabis at the flowering stage, though the proper time to do that is the vegetative stage. There is nothing difficult about learning how to prune weed plants. All it is about is topping the plants. The technique has a lot of names, like “pinching off,” “supper- cropping,” and “FIMing,” and each of them comes with absolutely different methods. Well, the goal is still the same—to release the growth of hormones of the plant.

Pruning techniques

– Topping the plant. You need to remove the top terminal shoot by cutting or slicing, it depends on your preferences. Such procedure has to be performed once in the second week of the vegetative growth and then again in the fourth. You may also do it before the plants start to flower.

– Pinching off. Basically, this technique does not differ a lot from topping, though this one is performed using your thumb and index finger. All you have to do is pinch off the top shoot of the plant. Never use trimmers or pruning shears for such a technique.

– The FIM technique. You may also know another name of this technique—“FIMing.” You may also find the similarity with the topping technique as it is basically a variation of it. Take trimmer scissors, find the top shoot of the plant, and cut only 80 percent of it, leaving 20 percent absolutely intact. The remaining part will give way for new baby leaves above the node.

– Super-cropping. This technique was developed by Dutch growers a long time ago and has become the real art of increasing the growth of cannabis plants without removing any of the parts. Instead of that, the plants are bruised (or altered). The growers usually “roll” the main stem between the thumb and index finger. This rotates the branch and causes it to pop. As a result, there are new shoots in the place where this method was applied.

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