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Secondhand Cannabis Smoke: Is It Really Bad for Your Pets

No matter where and when you smoke cannabis, second-hand smoke is bound to be there. It may not cause problems to your friends, whether they smoke themselves or not. However, not many people are aware of how second-hand cannabis smoke can affect others in their homes, especially those who cannot voice their problems.

Yes, cannabis smoke can be troublesome for your beloved pets and the extent of risk varies from one pet to another. If you have a pet at home and smoke cannabis, it is important that you know the risk your pet faces from indirect cannabis smoke.

The Impact Of Cannabis Smoke On The Pets

Whether you have a Labrador at home or an African parrot, the reality is second-hand cannabis smoke is not good for the pet’s health. The pets do not like it either. It is a different thing that they cannot express their discomfort candidly.

As a matter of fact, dogs, cats, and other pets get affected the most by THC– which is present in all cannabis strains in some amount. While almost all pets get affected by cannabis smoke floating in the air, it is the smaller sized animals or birds that face worse. You have to keep in mind that pets like dogs and cats have sensitive respiratory systems compared to the humans. Second-hand smoke from cannabis can make them feel disoriented and irritable.

Some cannabis users mistakenly think their dogs have no problem with the smoke and may even blow the smoke near their faces. This will surely not kill the dog but the animal will not feel good either. Feeding them cannabis edibles is pretty risky and it should be avoided at all costs. Typically, CBD heavy cannabis strains may be less toxic for your dog. It is actually non-intoxicating in nature and will not produce the same effects as THC does on the furry pets. Your cats may also get stoned from inhaling THC heavy cannabis strains. It can be potentially risky for them.

Your cat or dog may develop a number of side effects if the animal is subjected to cannabis smoke for a long time, in heavy amounts. The side effects include drooling, low blood pressure, sleeping troubles, vomitingand in some cases seizures. Smaller pets may even face the risk of becoming comatose. Besides, they do not adjust to the feeling of getting high like humans. Thus, they may feel uneasy about what is happening to them.

What To Do When You Have Pets At Home, But Like Taking Cannabis

If you have one or more pets at home but do not want to give up on cannabis either, there are ways to keep the animals safe.

First of all, you can consume cannabis using methods other than smoking. Vaping is what a lot of people resort to and it has its benefits. Resorting to vaping Cannabis will help you avoid the combustion part and fewer harmful chemicals will be generated. Besides, the vapor tends to disperse quickly compared to smoke. It does not get soaked in the curtains, furnishing, and clothes like cannabis smoke. Therefore, it is ultimately better for you and the pets.

You should also ensure the cannabis edibles are stored safely at home. Store such stuff including cookies and baked goods away from the reach of your pets. You should store them in tight, sealed containers.

The rugs, curtains and sofa and bed covers should be cleaned regularly or at periodic intervals to ensure they do not cause discomfort to your pets.

What If The Pet Develops Health Complications After Inhaling Cannabis Smoke?

If you find your beloved cat or dog is behaving in weird ways after you had a cannabis party at home, do not overlook the signs. Get in touch with a vet soon and let the poor animal get diagnosed properly. The good thing is that marijuana intoxication side effects in these animals are typically short-lived.

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