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Mega Hemp Shop has a wonderful pricing, compared to a few online dispensaries I was working with before you i think you really have a fair pricing also considering that you accept payment in installments and small deposits for all products i think you are doing a great job

George Texas, USA

Ordered my first batch on the Monday morning, they upgraded my order for FREE to more valuable weed at no extra cost and they arrived the following day! excellent ratio, well packaged and most importantly, discreet! many thanks Mega Hemp Shop

Riya New York, USA

I’ve never purchased online before mostly I buy through the friends for high prices because I thought I would get in a lot of trouble. Legit Bud store guys have the best customer service I’ve ever had online! let alone buying anything cannabis related.

Sona Australia

Discreet Mail Marijuana Delivery Service

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It was a pleasure getting to visit your farm in down town Denver and was amazed to actually see the cultivation process in real time, I am looking forward to beginning a small farm of mine and as you promised I expect some help from you as you keep doing your things.

Natin Germany

For the first time I couldn’t believe I could actually by weed online with my credit but yea I felt like it was worth giving a try and then “boom” it went through and I only received a notification and delivery got to me in two days, I must say you people are doing a great job so far.

Amadu UK

Discreet Mail Marijuana Delivery Service


Your speed of shipping is really satisfying, I placed an order in the morning and was very surprised to have the tracking number by mid day, I will always recommend you for anyone who wants a speedy delivery.

Gilbert New York, USA

I have made several online purchases from you over the past three months and not even once have I encountered any problems. Everything thing comes in within two days just as mentioned in your shipping policy and I must say you are doing a great job in honoring your words

Rogar California, USA

All I can really say is that you are one of the few honest companies left. This is because of all the years I have been dealing with you, whenever I feel dissatisfied with a product and come back for a refund I am immediately reimbursed, unlike other companies who will want you to wait for over thirty days for your own money all in the name of “processing refund” which to me sounds like a ponzy scheme. I give you a five star rating to your Money-back Guarantee policy

Jeff Texas, USA

I must say am so grateful for saving my kid, the Weed I got is a real life,  if I was to rate you I will gladly say you are so far the best online dispensary I could ever think of and sure to say I will remain a loyal customer

Oja UK


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